Welcome to Community Concerns, Inc.

More than a handout, the ODYSSEY III Program through Community Concerns, Inc. provides a hand.  The ethos of the ODYSSEY III Program is inspired by the model of trials and adventures of the Greek mythological character, Odysseus.  According to the epic poem "The Odyssey", he and his crew struggled for more than 10 years after the Trojan War before returning to the comfort and security of their homes.

For homeless individuals, the struggle is hardly a myth-- it is a stark reality in which everyday occurrences, that many people take for granted, are real life adventures.  For example, eating a hot meal, sleeping in a safe, clean bed, or finding understanding and informed counseling.  Job training and employment are also among a few of the many trials faced by homeless people daily.  But, hope can be found at ODYSSEY III, a service of Community Concerns, Inc.

Message From The Executive Director & C.E.O.

Hello!  Thank you for your time to view this message and our website as a whole. I appreciate your concern for those who are experiencing homelessness. This year marks our 25th anniversary of providing housing, counseling, food and financial assistance to those who are on the journey from homelessness to a better life. 

Today the demographic of those experiencing homelessness has changed dramatically. Whereas, twenty-five years ago we were inundated with single adult males, today we have directed most of our resources towards single women, women with children, and married couples with children.

Each night, more than one hundred (100) children sleep in homes provided by our organization, Community Concerns, Inc. The majority of them reside in Odyssey Villas, whose thirty-two (32) intact families reside in permanent housing with supportive services on site.

We continue to be grateful to our funding sources: The Georgia Department of Community Affairs; The City of Atlanta; Georgia Department of Human Services; The Federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program; Zion Hill Baptist Church; The Chapel of Christian Love Baptist Church; The Community Church of God; Delta Air Lines; The Coca Cola Company; and many more individuals, religious and corporate organizations.

Thank you for all you do to insure the continued success of our mission.

P.S.  Please take time to view the Testimonials of those who have been helped by CCI on the Success Stories page!